Cheap Solar Panels and Home Installation

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Cheap Solar Panels are a commonly asked about and searched for when considering solar for your home. There is in fact much more that goes into a home solar installation than how much the solar panels cost. Quality also plays a huge role in the longevity of your solar power system which is also why it is important to pick a solar panel that has a good warranty.

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Cheap Solar Panels

Simply searching for cheap solar panels will only get you so far in terms of a home solar installation. Some of the most important things are the price of installation, what it includes and the quality of the installation. Picking a local professional solar installer is very important. You want to pick a reputable and well reviewed solar installation company. Make sure the price they quote includes installation, permit design and other important factors during the process of installing solar panels on your home.

Solar Panel Brands

Choosing the cheapest solar panel you can find will usually end up in a lower system production than advertised or a solar power system that breaks over time. It’s important to find a solar panel brand that is well reviewed, high quality and has a 25 year warranty on the solar panels production wattage. The last thing you want is to have the local solar installer come back to fix something that breaks because of a manufacturing quality issue. The fact remains that solar panels are supposed to last over 20-30 years, so you want to be sure to invest in a home solar system that will stand the test of time.

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Solar Racking and Home Installation

Solar racking is an important and often overlooked part of a home solar installation. Make sure your local solar installer is using a name brand system that is UL2703 Certified. This will ensure that the solar panels are properly electrically grounded and will safely generate power through the harshest of weather over time. IronRidge and Unirac are among the top solar racking products you can have installed on your home.

Cheap Solar Panels solar racking
IronRidge Residential Solar Racking System

Roof Attachments

The attachments made by solar installers are probably the most important part of a home solar installation. Weather you have cheap solar panels or the most expensive solar panels won’t matter if your roof is leaking! Be sure to ask your local solar installer what type of roof flashing they will be using for your home solar system. This is even more important when you have a tile roof on your home. Ask your solar installer about a tile replacement system for your home. These flashing systems are designed to be installed in place of the tile on your roof, making it leak proof and creates a strong anchor point for your home solar system to be installed upon.

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Local Solar Installer

It’s important to know when getting a quote from your local solar installation company what your quote includes. Make sure it includes a-z for your home solar installation. This will be things like city permit design, electrician products installation, inter-connection paperwork and city inspection. Don’t be afraid to ask your solar installer questions. There is typically a waiting period from the day your solar panels are installed on your roof to the day you can actually turn on the switch to the solar power system. Ask you local solar installer how long this typically takes in your area from your energy provider. This will eliminate any unwanted surprises or expectations.

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Use an A-Z Solar Installation Company

OneClickSolar provides an instant solar quote for an A-Z service. This includes professional solar installation by a top rated local solar installer in your area. Top rated solar products like; solar panels, racking and roof attachments. Solar permit design and inter-connection paperwork plus much more! They have a great support staff who are very knowledgeable if you have any questions. OneClickSolar monitors your project from start to finish ensuring the home solar installation is completed on-time and on-budget.

We encourage you to check out and get your free instant quote without even needed to provide your personal information. it’s easy and you can get your custom solar quote in under a minute. So go ahead and give it a Whirl…

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