Interested in Affordable Solar Power for your Home?


Perhaps you have looked into installing a solar power system on your home in the past and you have been scared away by high pressure sales tactics, cost and complexity of the process.

Now is a good time to take another look at whether it now makes sense to re-look at solar power for your home.

We have seen the utility prices continue to increase and all indications are that they will continue to increase in the future at rates higher than inflation. This coupled with a dramatic drop in the cost of solar has made systems much more affordable. Couple this with the available 30% Federal Income tax credit can reduce the payback period to as little as 6 years. Since systems life is estimated at 25 years that means 19 years of “free” electricity. In addition, investing in home solar power has proven to increase the value of your home, so if you are selling you will recoup some or all of your cost.


Currently, in California, residential solar systems receive the full retail value of the energy produced. There is mounting nationwide pressure by the utility companies to move to more of a wholesale or avoidable cost methodology for residential solar power. By waiting, you could not only lose out on the Federal Tax credit which is set to expire in a few years, but also receive considerably less for the power produced by your system. Since history shows that the various Public Service Commissions tend to grandfather existing systems you can be confident that today’s economics will exist for your system if you install it now.

Until recently the way in which residential solar was sold consisted of filling out a card in a big box store, responding to an online ad, or responding to a “cold call”. The result was that you were bombarded by follow up calls and visit from a salesman who generally used tactic which included the “sign today or I can’t guarantee this price” or a “bait and switch” whereby lower quality material were substituted during installation.

I am happy to say that these techniques are largely gone and here at we believe that as a customer you should have the power to decide what and when in selecting your solar power system. allows customers to design their system, select packages of high quality Tier 1 equipment with prices before they need to enter their contact information.

Once their decision is made, the customer is in control of when the installer performs the site survey and when the actual installation takes place. OneClickSolar handles all the permitting and filings with the utility to allow for a timely and efficient installation of the system.


There are other online sites that claim to have the same capabilities as However, in most cases they are in effect lead generation systems. Once you have designed your system it is put out for bid to local installation companies who may or may not follow some of the same harsh sales tactics as mentioned above.

So why take the risk when you can deal with an all in one solution with OneClickSolar?

Are you ready to cut the cord?

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