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Residential solar energy installations at an all time high in America. So why have we seen the recent downfall of some of solar’s largest national companies? With Sungevity and SunEdison recently declaring bankruptcy, SolarCity now under the Telsa brand and NRG moving away from the residential market, you may think the solar industry is starting the slowdown. In fact, it is quite the opposite.

What is happening to the solar industry?

The solar industry is not in a crisis, far from it. Consumers are just becoming savvier in the way they are choosing their solar installation companies. With local solar installers being able to better meet the needs of their customers at a lower price, the big players are starting to feel the pressure. Lower overheads and more personalized service have seen professional, experienced solar installers such as OneClickSolar become the more appealing choice to solar consumers.

Why local installers are dominating

The solar installation options have expanded to include more than just the major, national installation companies. With smaller solar installers now better able to offer their customers competitive pricing, access to loans and professional installations, solar has become more accessible and affordable than ever before.

Less marketing costs

In marketing and lead generation, independent companies rely heavily on personal networks and the quality of their installations to generate work. Only a small percentage of their profit margins are set aside for professional lead generation. This smaller marketing budget allows local solar installers to decrease their overall costs and become more competitive.

Higher quality components

Solar customers are also more concerned about installing higher quality solar equipment on their homes. It may surprise you to learn that some large installers install low-cost products to increase their profit margins. By choosing an independent installer, you are likely to receive better quality components installed for the same price. It is important to know what equipment is going to be installed on your home when choosing your solar installation company.

Personalized service

Consumers should always come to expect a higher level of service from their independent solar installers. With local knowledge and contacts, it is easier for them to arrange a smoother and more efficient solar installation and utility interconnection process.

If a customer has a problem with their solar energy system, a local installation team can attend to it promptly. This level of service is not common with larger, national installation companies. The person who answers the phone is usually someone different each time. And, the technician who installed your system is unlikely to be the person who attends to assist you with any after support.

The future of solar energy is here

The future of residential solar must focus on the needs of consumers. Cost effective marketing strategies combined with timely and quality solar installations are essential. What the solar industry needs are companies who can provide marketing, distribution fulfillment, and project management service in partnership with local, quality installers. The partnership between solar companies and quality installers is key.

The future of solar will see marketing delivered by a small number trusted solar industry leaders. These solar companies will engage quality local installers to provide high-quality installations. A viable and efficient business model such as this would see the solar industry become more sustainable and accessible for all. Customers need quality solar installation companies who are sustainable to be there to support them long after their installations are complete.

With a trusted name such as OneClickSolar providing the expertise and partnering with a network of top quality local solar installers, homeowners have full control over their purchase and installation. This sustainable model of centralized marketing and distribution fulfillment has contributed to the success of global companies such as Ikea and Amazon.

The future of solar energy is here at OneClickSolar. Our mission is to deliver high-quality installations with top quality components under a sustainable, long term business model. Contact us now and see how we can help you today and well into the future with all your solar energy needs.

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