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So you have been searching for a solar energy system for your home? Then there is no doubt you have come across a number of companies offering an online bidding service, promising to find you cheap, quality solar energy systems all in one place.

This “one-stop-shop” sees various solar companies competing with each other in one convenient location trying to win your business.

As more and more solar companies enter the market, the competitiveness to secure your business increases and we start to see profit margins decreasing so a competitive edge can be maintained.

More affordable solar is great news for consumers! However, there are a few things you should take into consideration before deciding to use a solar bidding service when trying to save on your out of pocket expenses.

When companies start vying for your business in this type of forum, it can lead to a phenomenon known as “suicide-bidding,” and is notorious within the construction industry. This environment is fraught with danger and may see that bargain priced solar energy system costing you much more than you had anticipated.

This layer of bidding competition being added into the equation can see profit margins decrease to a point where some companies are willing to make a loss to win your business. Doesn’t make much sense right? But this is what can happen in this sort of bidding environment when struggling companies need to win your business at any cost to keep their doors open.

Maybe you are thinking to yourself, this actually sounds great for the consumer! In the short term, perhaps – in the long run, it could cause you serious headaches and cost you so much more than you saved in the first place.

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Why do companies do it?

When an industry is booming, and there is a lot of competition in the market, companies can become anxious to win your business. With overheads to cover, employees to pay and stock to move, it may seem to make short-term business sense to sell a few solar energy systems at cost price or less.

Some companies cut their losses and just do the work in order maintain turnover; others will attempt to claw back the lost profits after you are locked in by utilizing low-quality installers or creating contractual variations.

Unfortunately, when companies start operating their business in this manner, it can lead to inferior work quality, poor customer service, and disputes. Some companies may even attempt to regain lost profits through contractual loopholes by replacing the quoted components with inferior, cheaper products.

Once a company starts to operate using “suicide-bidding” methods, it can be a sharp downward spiral to insolvency, leaving consumers with no recourse for future warranty claims or customer service support if things start going wrong.

This practice was rife in the construction industry during the building boom and contributed to the financial collapse of many construction firms. With the solar industry rapidly growing and companies being given a platform to bid for your business, there is now a real risk of the same thing happening in this industry too.

That should be a serious concern for consumers, who are being offered long-term warranties with their solar energy systems. You need to be confident your solar company of choice is going to be around for years to come!

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You can rest easy with!

We are not a bidding site and will never compromise quality or service for profits. You can rest assured that we will always sustainably operate our business, ensuring our customers receive the highest quality service now, and long after their solar energy systems are installed.

Every aspect of your solar energy system has been carefully selected to ensure that only top quality components are used, and each installation is conducted to the highest standard. The long-term relationships that we have built with our installers enable us to provide high-quality installation at an affordable price.

The four tailor-made solar packages we have created give you the ability to choose a solar energy system to suit your budget and needs in one place; all the while knowing we aren’t cutting any corners to secure your business.

With no pressure sale tactics, the flexibility to arrange your own appointments to suit your schedule and the ability to chat directly with your professional solar installer; we really are the “one-stop-shop” you are looking for.

Don’t waste time waiting for the bids to come to you! Contact and cut the cord today!

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