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Residential Solar System Installation

Why Choose OneClickSolar?

Today’s smart homeowners are fully capable of using the internet to find the best deals on almost everything. There is no website that can offer them the full capability of ordering their own home solar system from the convenience of their home without the hassle of sales people.

OneClickSolar helps homeowners design a custom solar power system for their home and pick from low price affordable solar installation packages. We offer Top Tier Solar Products and Financing Options. Customers have their own control dashboard and are updated through each step of the installation process.


Home Solar Installation Process

Instant Solar Quote

Solar Power System for your home

Get a free instant quote on a complete Solar Power System for your home. Cash and Financing Options Availbile.

Home Solar Inspection

Certified Solar Installer

A Certified Solar Installer will provide a full site inspection of your roof. OneClickSolar will handle all design and permitting applications.

Professional Solar Installation

Affordable Solar Power System

Your Affordable Solar Power System will be installed by Certified Professional Solar Installers on a day that works for your scedule.

Solar Monitoring System

Home Solar Power

Log-on to your dashboard and monitor your Home Solar Power performace stats. You'll get system alerts and performance reports.

California Solar Installation Contractor

We are a cutting edge solar contractor providing solar installation in Orange County and surrounding areas. OneClick Construction d.b.a OneClickSolar is a California General Contractor CSLB #1026282 solar company. We partner with medium to large Solar Installers that must pass a strict application process in order to become a OneClickSolar Partnered Installer. Our installers in California are fully licensed and bonded in the state of California. Rest assured knowing you’re getting the best of the best with years of experience and a proven track record for solar installation.

OneClickSolar takes the headache out of high performance solar power systems. Out cutting edge online platform reduced errors and has been programmed for the latest codes and requirements for southern California solar panel installations. We provide a full service from solar products, solar installation, permit design, city permit and inter-connection paperwork. Our support team is here to guide you throughout the process and can be reached anytime.

What makes us Different?

Why we think we are the Best Solar Contractor in California.


  • Free Solar Quotes - No Registration Required.
  • Your info is safe with, us we don't sell to Third Parties.
  • Instant quotes custom to your needs.
  • We don't call unless you want to talk to us.
  • You get what you see, our solar packages are guaranteed.
  • We are not a lead generation service.
  • You pick the Solar Installation dates that work for you.
  • Take your time, look around, no pressure.

Other Solar Installers

  • Require registration to see quote.
  • Sell you contact information to Third-Parties.
  • Give your details, then wait for bids or quote.
  • Bombard you with calls from solar sales people.
  • Bait and switch tactics.
  • Lead generation services.
  • At the mercy of the installer.
  • Endless harassment and pressure to buy

The OneClickSolar Advantages

  • We using Top Tier (Tier1) Solar Panels
  • Our panels are all Monocrystalline Cells and with Black Frames
  • We use IronRidge racking system (#1 in the industry)
  • We use All-Black Racking instead of Mill Finish
  • We offer QuickMount PV Tile replacement system (#1 in the industry)
  • We offer 4g data cards with our monitoring systems
  • Prices include Installation, Permit Plan, City Permit, Interconnection Application Processing.
  • We use Enphase iQ6 the latest available technology
  • We use SolarEdge HD Wave Inverters
  • We use SolarEdge P320, P400 the upgraded optimizers

So go ahead and get your free instant quote for your home today!

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